New slots in March 2017

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New slots in March 2017

Welcome to this post where we are going to update you a bit on whats happening this spring! Red Tiger Slots har being released several every month and things are really starting to take of for them which of course is really fun! We are very excited for the future of this slots provider.

The major factor that is increasing the amount of players using Red Tiger slots is the european entry. Red Tiger Gaming is about to enter the European market with heist. There is some licensing and deals that are to remain before we can see them as much as NetEnt but its on the move certainly. To watch our full set of Red Tiger slots click here.

Try Red Tigers new slots

We bet you want to try out some new cool slots from Red Tiger! We are going to let you know a lot about these new slots in short. The most recent slots that you should check out is Lucky Easter! You’re gonna love this casino as it really gives you those spring feeling that we all are craving now.

Another really cool red tiger slot that were released recently is Lucky Valentine. This new slot featured a “love cupid” theme. Try this really cool slot today with our new slot reviews. If you are looking for nice thrill to enjoy this mid week. Red Tiger slots are definitely something that you wanna try out.

Stage 888

Stage 888 is also a really cool new slot from Red Tiger Gaming. This is slot that takes place in a more clubby environment. You should be really excited about this slot. This slot will be really cool in the sense that you can be in a club with cool sounds while in a slot. These two different ways of enjoying amusement probably goes well hand in hand.

Lets share the excitement of what is about to come for Red Tiger and I hope that I’ll see you here soon again!

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