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Chinese themes are Red Tiger Gaming’s specialty, and every time they release a Chinese themed slot, it’s one of a kind. This one is called Dragon’s Luck, and as the name reveals, a dragon is in the center. This golden dragon can make your gameplay very profitable, especially when he comes to visit the reels with giant symbols. Red Tiger Gaming likes to keep their games pretty simple, but still with a lot of features. Dragon’s Luck is just like that, it’s all about the special bonuses that can appear in the base game. This is why we believe that Dragon’s Luck suits everybody, in fact all Red Tiger Gaming slots should do that. If you want to find out more about this well done game, just take a look at the following review.

Dragons luck red tiger slots

Dragon’s Luck slot symbols

It’s no surprise that Red Tiger Gaming uses the playing card symbols as the ones with the lowest values. These goes from 10 – Ace as usual, and can pay between 10 up to 200 coins. After those symbols we have a water lily, koi carp, Chinese doll and a coin. The water lily can pay up to 250 coins, but the coin symbol can pay up 1380 coins. That means that the coin symbol is the best one of the standard symbols. Among the bonus symbols we see two different dragon coins. These, among with some special bonus dragons is exactly what you should look out for. Read more about their specialties in the next chapter of this review. We promise you that you won’t be disappointed when you’re here about their special powers.

Dragon’s Luck bonus features

As we told you, we have two different dragon coins represented in this game. It’s one that is in normal size while the other one is gigantic. The gigantic Mega dragon coin, covers 3×3 positions on the reels, and comes with guaranteed winnings. Isn’t that simply great? The other dragon coin comes with another bonus instead. When this symbol hits the reels, it will rotate and suddenly show a secret symbol. Hopefully this secret symbol will lead you to a winning combination. Last but not least, we have another bonus, also represented by dragons. These dragons, can randomly during the game starts to breathe fire. When this happens, the fire will transform symbols into the same one, which hopefully will bring you a nice win.

Summary of Dragon’s Luck slot

We have lots of things to enjoy in this slot, and we believe you will think the exact same thing. Despite all the fantastic bonuses that can appear pretty frequently, there is also some other stuff that attract players to this slot. Red Tiger Gaming is known for having great graphics and design, and Dragon’s Luck is a perfect example for that. Those players who enjoy a game that looks great and runs smoothly, should definitely try some Red Tiger Gaming slots. Dragon’s Luck is just one in a line of many, created by this developer.
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