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A simple gameplay, simple rules and bet options, are the key to a nice experience when it comes to online gaming. Combine that with fascinating graphics and cool bonuses and we have Red Tiger Gaming’s Mega Jade. This slot is really impressive regarding every detail, and the theme is simple and fun. Here we have a typical Chinese looking game. There’s no story you have to follow or anything like that, it’s all about a good looking Chinese inspired game with jade stones in focus. Many players like to keep the theme simple, and that’s exactly how Mega Jade is created. Regarding the bonuses, Mega Jade has randomly bonuses with guaranteed winnings. That’s probably what we like the most about this amazing Red Tiger Gaming slot, that it is simple but still super exciting.

mega jade red tiger slot

Mega Jade slot symbols

If we take a look at the lower paying symbols, we have the classic 10 to Ace symbols. The 10, J and Q all pay the same, between 10 up to 100 coins. After that we have K and A, and those symbols pay between 15 to 150 coins. The rest of the symbols are all jade stones. Three of them pay between 15 to 300 coins. Then we have the best jade stone of them all, encased in gold, which pays between 50 up to 500 coins. Besides these symbols we still have one left though. This is a special symbol that comes with big winnings. You can read more about that symbol and its bonuses below.

Mega Jade bonus features

The thing we have to mention first is that all the jade stone symbols can appear fully stacked. This can happen on multiple reels as well, and this happen randomly. Besides of that we have the Mega Jade symbol. This one also appear randomly and cover 3 x 3 positions on the reels. The best thing when this happen, is that it comes with guaranteed winnings. In fact, the wins can be huge if you are lucky. Even though this is all the bonuses Mega Jade slot has, the games still never get boring. The giant Mega Jade symbol and stacked regular symbols, actually appear pretty frequent. Moreover, the base game without any giant symbol or stacked symbols still has decent wins to offer.

Summary of Mega Jade slot

Mega Jade slot is perfect for players who wants to enjoy a simple game session. The simplicity along with the randomly stacked symbols and the Mega Jade symbol makes the game exciting and relaxing. This means that everyone can enjoy a couple of rounds in Mega Jade, no matter if you are an experienced player or not. Red Tiger Gaming also knows how to make graphics and animations of top quality. This is something we are used to when it comes to this developer. Therefore, Mega Jade slot also suits the players who enjoy a well done game when it comes to its look. We definitely recommend all kind players to try this slot. Because it’s so simple to play, it’s a perfect slot to play at all kinds of occasions.

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